The various possibilities to travel to Le Marche: 


If you are planning to come by car to your destination in le Marche you will pass Bologna. Once in Bologna you take the exit for Ancona-Pescara; the A14 is the coastal highway. You should consider the somewhat chaotic driving style of the Italians, narrow road shoulders, short access roads. But this is also the charm of Italy ...



It is faster and cheaper to fly. There are several possibilities. Our accommodations are located between Pescara and Ancona, about 1 hour and 15 minutes’ drive from both airports. Rome and Bologna is 3 hours’ drive from Le Marche. With Ryanair is it possible to fly from Germany, Belgium, England, Denmark to Pescara or Ancona. Ryanair has also a lot of flights to Rome and Bologna from several cities all over Europe. ​Easyjet is another low-budget company but with them you have to fly to Rome.


CAR RENTAL in Italy:

If you fly it is necessary to hire a car at the airport. Public transport is well organized in Italy, but because almost all of our accommodations are located in the hills, you cannot get there without a car! The cheapest provider at the airport where you arrive can be easily found online, for example by using



Along the entire coast there is a railroad. Besides regular trains and intercity trains there is also a high speed line, called Freccia Bianca and Freccia Rossa. Unfortunately, the high speed trains do not stop often in San Benedetto del Tronto. There are express buses that take you directly to Rome or Bologna. There are several companies and they drive several times a day. There are also two companies driving directly to the airports in Rome.