Charme delle Marche cannot be held responsible for any damage to property, personal injury or any other harm suffered by a guest or as a result of a third party in a property. Similarly, Charme delle Marche cannot be held liable for damages incurred by a guest or a third party as part of a stay in a host's home.



Based on our experience, we consider it advisable that each tenant subscribe an insurance with an insurance company. In case of cancellation, the tenant may claim a full refund of the rent. The reason for cancellation must be within the coverage area of the cancellation.



Any cancellation must be confirmed in writing to Charme delle Marche. The cancellation is effective from the date on which Charme delle Marche has received this message.

A cancelling tenant owes the following amounts to the owner of the property published by Charme delle Marche:

• Cancellation up to 2 months before arrival: 30% of the rate;

• Cancellation from 2 months to 1 month before arrival: 60% of the rate;

• Cancellation from one month to the 7th day before the day of arrival: 90% of the rate;

• Cancellation from the 6th day (inclusive) until the day of arrival or later: the full rate.

An administrative fee of € 45 will also be charged.



a) Reservations are placed via the website. A booking is binding for you and Charme delle Marche.

b) The minimum rental period for all houses and apartments is of one week in high season, except if specified otherwise in the home description.

c) In case of an option, the property will be booked for a few days up to one week for the tenant in question. Without notice, upon expiration of the week, Charme delle Marche is entitled to set the property available again.



Once an accommodation has been booked, modification makes the tenant liable of an amount of € 30 per accommodation. Changes leading to a reservation of a different property are subject to the cancellation policy.



After the owner of a property approved the booking, the tenant of Charme delle Marche will receive a booking confirmation and invoice. The payment method is as follows:

• 30% of the total amount must be paid within 10 days after reservation to the owner of the property.

• the remaining 70% of the total amount must be paid two months before arrival.

• After entering the reservation, the tenant becomes subject to the cancellation policy. He can become liable for the full amount of the reservation to the owner of the property of Charme delle Marche.

• For early departures the cancellation policy applies.

Please note: if the payment of the deposit is not received on time by the owner of the property, Charme delle Marche is entitled to cancel the booking and will charge a cancellation fee.



The person who issues the payment of the deposit or booking confirmation / invoice is and remains responsible for his or her fellow travellers and must ensure that they are aware of the booking conditions and the resulting obligations. If the terms of booking are not respected, the owner has the right to refuse access to the property to the tenant.

The following points, in particular, are important:

a) The number of persons must never exceed those stated on your booking confirmation.

b) The tenant must abide by the conditions, which are indicated in the description of the property.

c) No pets are allowed, if not clearly agreed in advance.

d) Upon departure, you must leave the property clean and tidy.

e) You can occupy your accommodation from 16:00 or 17:00 on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, you must leave the property at 10.00, unless stated differently.



The owner of the property may ask a security deposit to the tenant upon his arrival. The money will be refunded to the tenant at the end of his holiday after deduction of costs in case of damage or rental of special services. Also, the tenant will be charged for extra cleaning if necessary. While staying at the apartment you as tenant are fully responsible for the rented apartment, the furnishing and all things which belong to the house. All damages must be reported directly to the owner. These fees can be reimbursed by your travel insurance. We recommend that you subscribe such an insurance.